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                Blank/Broken Screen? Don't Replace that device yet!


                                       We've replaced hundreds of screens and will replace yours too!


Knocked your Macbook to the floor? Accidentally cracked the screen? It's okay! iCare is here to help. Our technical experts use genuine spare parts to ensure that your device is up and running like new. We'll check that bad video cable, faulty LCD and give it a thorogh check while replacing the damaged parts. The best part? It works out to be a fraction of the price. So instead of buying a brand new device, we'll save you some money, too! It's definitely worth having us take a look at that problematic MacBook for you


Q. How long will a replacement screen last? 


We replace your screen with the genuine parts and its safe to say it will last as long as your laptop.


Q. How much would a screen replacement cost? 


Each model of MacBook supports a different screen. For a quotation, please get in touch with us with your MacBook’s serial number. 


Q. How do I find out my Macbook model & serial number? 


Click on the Apple () icon on upper-left corner of your screen -> Click option "About This Mac".

The serial number can also be found on the bottom surface of most MacBooks.


Q. Is there any warranty on the screen? 


Yes, we provide a 90Days replacement warranty with all our MacBook screens.

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