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If your MacBook seems to be permanently attached to a power outlet, set it free with a replacement battery! 

When your MacBook starts giving very low backup or is not charging at all, its battery has probably lived out its life. Batteries have a limited amount of charge cycles before they’re considered to be consumed. Once consumed, a replacement battery is recommended. 

 Is your laptop becoming a desktop?

to find out the maximum battery cycle count specified for your MacBook model.

Also note: If you observe a bulge underneath your trackpad, it might be the battery peeping out, get it replaced ASAP!


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 Replacement warranty

Q. How much backup will a replacement battery provide? 


We use only genuine OEM batteries for replacement. There are supposed to provide equal backup as a new MacBook’s battery (usually 4-7 hours).

Q. How long will a replacement battery last? 

Depends on your usage volume. Any MacBook battery is rated to last for 500-1000 charge cycle counts, which is typically between 2-5 years.


Q. Is there any warranty on the battery? 


Yes, we provide a 90Days replacement warranty with all our MacBook batteries.


Q. How much would a battery replacement cost? 


Each model of MacBook supports a different battery. For a quotation, please get in touch with us with your MacBook’s serial number. Be warned: our batteries are OEM quality, a little costlier than the “compatible” ones available in the local market. Quality comes at a price!


Q. How do I find out my Macbook model & serial number? 


Click on the Apple () icon on upper-left corner of your screen -> Click option "About This Mac".

The serial number can also be found on the bottom surface of most MacBooks.


Q. How do I check my battery cycle count?


Step 1: Hold the Option (⌥) key and click the Apple () logo in the upper left-hand corner.

Step 2: Click System Information. 
Step 3: Under Hardware on the left side of the System Information page, click Power. 
Step 4: Under the Battery Information header, find Health Information and check the Cycle Count.


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