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for iPhone Screen Replacement

Q. Will I suffer a decline in screen quality or touch experience? 


We only use genuine quality iPhone displays. They are the closest you can get in the market to an original screen that comes with a new iPhone. Your experience should be on par with an original display.


Q. How much time will the iPhone screen replacement take? 


Barring exceptions, all iPhone screen replacements will be done within an hour.


Q. Is there any warranty on the replacement screen? 


Yes, we provide a 90 Day replacement warranty against manufacturing defects with all our iPhone screens.


Q. How much would it cost? 


For a quotation, please get in touch with us. Be warned: our screens are OEM quality, a little costlier than the “compatible” ones available in the local market. Quality comes at a price!


Q. My iPhone is under Apple warranty? Will it cover screen damage? 


In most cases, Apple warranty doesn't cover accidental damage.


Q. Is there a pick-up and drop service? 


Yes we provide a pick-up and drop service in most of the parts of Bangalore


Q. Do I need to take data back-up of my iPhone before giving for a screen replacement? Is my data secure? 



Normally, screen replacement doesn't affect data on your phone. Your data is secure in the hands of professional technicians


Q. What iPhone models does iCareCentre repair? 


We are experts at fixing all iPhone models. Whether you have an iPhone 5/5, iPhone 6/6 Plus, iPhone 7/7 Plus, iPhone 8/8 Plus or iPhone X and all their variants, we will have it running like new.

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