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What to Do When You Crack Your iPhone Screen

Updated: Feb 29, 2020

It’s no surprise that Apple manufactures among the top premium smartphones out there that radiate the definition of a flagship device from every possible angle. The iPhones offer an impressive user experience from both hardware and software point of view, but they come with a catch.

It’s expensive to get your iPhone fixed once it is broken. Well, you dropped your iPhone, and now the screen is broken. The foremost question is whether to go ahead with the iPhone repair or not.

It’s hard and annoying to figure out what to do next, which is why we’re here to make things clearer for you.

What to Do When You Crack Your iPhone Screen?

First thing first. We will recommend not tinkering with the device on your own unless you have a solid experience in that.

When any smartphone cracks, you will see a lot of sharp glasses poking out. You need to keep yourself away from that since the last thing you want to do is go to the doctor. To avoid that, you can put clear packaging tape on your phone.

Assess the Damage:

The next thing that you want to do is to assess the damage. You have to ask yourself questions such as, How broken is the screen? Is the display completely broken?

Since your iPhone is now broken and Apple doesn’t cover physical damages, you will have to shell out a couple of bucks to get it repaired. The iPhone repair cost will depend on how critical the damage is. you can check here : iphone damage test query

Find the Best Option:

There are numerous places where you can get your iPhone or iPad fixed for a particular amount. We have covered all the major ones down below.

Apple Service Center

If you’re all right with shelling an expensive sum of amount, then you can consider getting your iPhone or iPad repaired from Apple itself. You can find the nearest service care from the company’s website itself. Furthermore, Apple also offers mail-in repair service to some locations, but that can take a week or longer.

If you’re finding Apple’s official repair costs quite expensive, then you should look for some other options mentioned below. Get your particular problem solved by our Apple Experts- CALL-7899982379

Offline Unauthorized Repair Center

Well, this might be the best feasible option for most people out there. You can look for Apple-focused offline unauthorized repair centers. Since your device is already out of warranty, you can go ahead and get it repaired from some local shops. There are hundreds of shops out there in each locality; you can just pick the one closest to you.

We will recommend doing some research before investing in a particular local shop for your iPhone repair. Coming to the iPhone replacement cost, the repair will depend on various factors, such as locality and device model. For instance, the iPad screen replacement cost in Bangalore is up to 15k, while the iPhone 7 repair cost is up to 10k.


With that said, these are all the things that you can do if your iPhone is broken or damaged. There are numerous scenarios of iPhone or iPad Pro screen flickering issues. If you’re facing something like this, then it is worth mentioning that you will have to get the entire display panel replaced. The same goes for when you’re trying to fix vertical lines on the iPad Pro screen.

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